No more keys to lose. No more pins to slide in. No more annoying thumbscrews. No more buttons to press. No more worries.

Our sliding glass patio door lock makes all of those other slider locks obsolete. With it's US and International patents, you know you are purchasing a high quality engineered product that will last for years without an ounce of trouble. In fact, there is not another sliding glass door lock on the market like it anywhere.

Let's face facts. The crime rate is rising and home break-ins are occurring more and more. Burglars know not to break into the front door of a residence because there is a good chance they will be exposed. Their next logical point of entry will be the rear of the home and most homes nowadays have at least one set of sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass doors are particularly vulnerable as burglars know how easy it is to lift a sliding door up off it's tracks and gain access to a home without making much noise. This is where our sliding door lock comes to the rescue.

Once installed, your sliding door can no longer be lifted off of it's tracks or forced open by a burglar. These locks have been tested and verified by the Hurricane Engineering & Testing Inc. to provide over 1,000 lbs. of Forced Entry Load Testing (AAMA 1303.5).

With it's high strength aluminum and steel construction, this lock is designed to be a high security lock mechanism. Only the highest quality components go into the manufacture of these sliding door locks.

These locks are aesthetically pleasing and once installed will look like an original part of your sliding glass door. We offer these locks in white, black and silver finish to match any door frame color.

We have all seen the somber news stories on the television about small children opening a sliding glass and wandering out into the backyard and either getting accidentally hurt or tragically falling into a swimming pool and drowning. This is due to the fact that normal sliding door locks are very easy to open by small children. With our sliding door lock properly installed high enough, these accidents can be avoided.

Another great feature of our locks is that you can visually see from a distance whether or not the lock is engaged or not. With those old obsolete sliding door locks it is often hard to see whether they are actually locked or not.

This double bolt security lock was chosen above all others to be used at the Olympic Village at the 2004 Summer Games in Athens Greece. This alone should testify to the security and quality that this product offers.

So, if you are looking for a reasonably priced high quality, well engineered sliding door lock that doubles as both a child safety lock and a high security lock, your search is over. Because you have just found the ULTIMATE sliding door patio door lock.
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